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The Cairn Project: Healing Through Clay

I just started working with the clay, and then I saw it was becoming a protective angel,” says John, a Vietnam War veteran who struggles long after war’s end to come to terms with his battlefield expe…

Lale Demir Oransay’s Precise Ceramic Structures

The relationship between functionality and the forms of organisms in nature imitate human life and art. Ceramics artist Lale Demir Oransay, in her series of complex structural and geometric shapes, ex…

Team NZ Clay Gulgong 2018

Featuring Christine Thacker, Kate Fitzharris, Jim Cooper, Richard Parker, Louise Menzies and Moyra Elliott

Ji-Sook Lee’s recent works: from scholar’s accoutrements from the past to female objects in the present

Lee’s work questions what necessity in the aesthetics of contemporary ceramics is. She has proved that using color and three-dimensional effects that were commonly used in Chaekkado, it is possible to…