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Questioning Identity

Everyone has something to identify themselves by, some more than others. Within the field of ceramics, identity exists in many degrees and formats—some use it as a means to associate themselves, while…

Pottery Villages in Myanmar Reviving Traditional Production Techniques

Pottery has a long tradition in Myanmar (officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and also known as Burma) bordered by India and Bangladesh to its west, Thailand and Laos to its east and China…

Team NZ Clay Gulgong 2018

Featuring Christine Thacker, Kate Fitzharris, Jim Cooper, Richard Parker, Louise Menzies and Moyra Elliott

The Story of HeartMoss Pottery: Hannah and Emi Escape to a Beautiul life.

Hannah and Emi made their escape from an adventure-filled life in New York City to an adventure-filled life of a different sort in a little town called Independence in Virginia. Adventures may be more…