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Porcelain and River Mud: a Chinese Art Residency

I am on route to my third residency in China. Art residencies can be a curious form of practice. They may seem to offer an opportunity to develop new work. Free from the routine demands of normal life…

Chemical Analysis of Local Kansas Clay and Its Use in Ceramic Art

Seeking to learn more about local material and its potential for use in ceramic art, as well as investigating the possibility of replicating the effects of local clay using raw materials to compose a…

Team NZ Clay Gulgong 2018

Featuring Christine Thacker, Kate Fitzharris, Jim Cooper, Richard Parker, Louise Menzies and Moyra Elliott

Mustafa Agatekin and the Concept of Belonging

Survival and the instinct to hold on to life, has kept man alert since the beginning of time. Although social structures have changed throughout the ages, everyone maintains his/her life through the ‘…