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Contemporary Ceramics and the Past

Of all the revolutionary transformations in human development perhaps the greatest is the least known: the global transition from the hunter, gatherer and fisher — dependent on the chance provisioning…

Creating ToTeM

The creative process of each work of art is a distinct adventure. What makes each work of art unique is the subjective and original manner of the artist. This adventure is experienced by the artist th…

Team NZ Clay Gulgong 2018

Featuring Christine Thacker, Kate Fitzharris, Jim Cooper, Richard Parker, Louise Menzies and Moyra Elliott

Marie Woo Clay Odyssey: A Retrospective at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Centre

This retrospective exhibition was, in an unexpected way, a glimpse of another time and a different mindset. Marie Woo (b. 1928), active in ceramics since the 1950s and a noted teacher and curator in a…