Paper Kiln

One of the most important rehabilitation centres in Turkey, the Bodrum Health Foundation, preferences ceramics in its curriculum. The workshop was established with the sponsorship of Erkan Dülgeroğlu (1945 – 2014) who is the owner of Ferer Foreign Co. under the directorship of the artist, Tarik Kartal, in 2008. The mission of the ceramics workshop is to encourage students with disability to develop an identity, experience a sense of achievement, and be able to develop creativity and a sense of aesthetic pleasure and discernment. Through activities specially designed in the workshop, the aim and intentions were to integrate students with disability in broader society, and to understand (and be involved in) production and designer identity. There are two main types of production process the students can take an active part in: the first is free-style studies that have been adapted to suit the needs and abilities of the students at the Bodrum Health Foundation, and the second is where ceramics are professionally designed, but produced by the students.