Thoughts from a 50–Year Career

n 1959 i began my 50 year career working in and teaching the ceramic arts. i started my work
as a student of Marv Reichle at Ball State University and my teaching career began as Val Cushing’s teaching assistant at Alfred, followed with a 33 year tenure at New York State University. That career continues as founder and director of the Cub Creek Foundation resident program. Throughout my career I have conducted workshops and summer programs that have generated discussions on a number of related topics. This article is a response to the dialogue that emerged. My opinions expressed then and here are a result of my experiences and should not be taken as sacred. My hope is they will begin a much needed and thoughtful conversation. In a recent workshop a participant questioned the need for an MFA. This may have been brought on by the increasing cost of university education combined with the lack of post- graduate teaching jobs. As the discussion began, I explained that my life and career were greatly enriched by the intellectual and creative interaction of the university.

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