Mansfield Ceramics is the new publisher of Ceramics: Art & Perception (and its sister publication, Ceramics TECHNICAL). It is an exciting prospect joining together these two established and seminal publications. Future issues of these three magazines will be incorporated into a bumper magazine which will provide readers with three different written approaches to ceramics – scholarly, technical and creative – generating fresh insights, challenges, critical commentary and wit. We will encourage the widest possible range of voices from practising ceramists, academics, professional writers and art critics on subjects important to ceramics, and thus provide a platform for discourse, dialogue and debate about ideas important to ceramists.


Mansfield Ceramics invites contributors to write about themselves or other ceramists in a way that engages the reader and provokes further thought, so that ideas, often ideas that can only be arrived at by ceramists, can be articulated to an ever-growing audience of enthusiasts and practitioners. We also welcome contributions from practicising artists and art critics. We offer writers a professional editing service and feedback. If you would like to submit an article visit the submissions page for more information and guidelines. We also offer a writers’ fee of $USD200 plus a yearly subscription per article published.



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