Ceramics Art + Perception values great writing and is committed to having the broadest range of voices and the widest range of styles. We appreciate that it can be difficult for an artist to talk about their work because that can diffuse the tension and the stress that they use to create their work and resist caging their work in theory and logic. But in analysing the work of artists we wish to intensify our thoughts and provide ideas, explore our perceptions and engage the reader. Ultimately we seek writing that can be as expressive as the works of art they describe. We encourage you to submit your article, and offer a professional editorial team to assist you if you wish to find the best approach for your writing.

Why Write?

Ceramics Art + Perception publishes three differing types of article:
– Scholarly articles with critical analysis of artists’ work.
– Technical writing on the artists’ process, and
– Creative writing in response to the artists’ work.
Good writing of any of these kinds will engage the reader and you are encouraged to write in your own voice.

Technical Details

Send text through as text, Word, or Open Office, not exceeding 5000 words. Provide citations as an endnote. Images can be low resolution in the first instance but in the end must be at least 300dpi and 13cmx20cm as jpg or tiff format. Provide captions for all images. Provide a brief biography on yourself not exceeding 150 words for publication. Provide your address for complimentary copies of the magazine.

Terms & Conditions

Authors who submit papers to Ceramics: Art and Perception must confirm in that their article is original and unpublished, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. In addition, each author must confirm that the article is a product of their own/group research; that it has not been plagiarized or copied, in whole or in partially, from any other published works/articles; and that they have disclosed actual or potential conflicts of interest with their work or partial benefits associated with it.

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