Podcast Articles

Heidi Bjørgan

For Norwegian artist Heidi Bjørgan there are no bad experiences in the kiln. ‘If it’s broken in two, maybe I can re-use part of it,’ she says. ‘I can re-glaze it, put raw clay on it, re-fire it’.

Seeking Sustainability

In 2020, the International Bone China Symposium in Kaunas, Lithuania celebrated its long history with the material and its ability to be a catalyst for conversation, exploration and community.

Svend Bayer: Last Pot Standing

When I purchased a small bowl a few weeks ago much was already sold; but the private view would have been an event worth marking for this is Bayer’s last exhibition. Bayer has been potting professionally for 51 years, the majority of which have been spent alone making stoneware, fired in large self-built wood kilns.

Merran Esson: A Life of Collecting

I love collecting, I love it when I see something I want, I do a little negotiation with my brain and my bank balance. Do I really want it? Do I really need this piece in my collection? Ultimately my brain normally wins and I end up with them on my shelf − I smile at them every day. Is it an addiction?

Black Friday

There is some comfort in keeping loved ones close in whatever form, as I write this at my kitchen table my coffee is in a gloss black, almost blue-black glazed cup.