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Wrinkles tell the Story; The Patchwork Quilt of Life

This study found that Sindhi artisans who produce handcrafts are struggling to meet their daily needs and are not paid the amount they deserve. Due to a low level of education and exposure, it is beco…

Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

Anyone at all familiar with Beatrice Wood (1893– 1998) knows that she was an extraordinary individual. Wood – or Beato, as she came to be known – left an outsized artistic legacy when she died at 105.

Take it Out of the Garden Manningham Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia 13th Feb − 6th March 2020

It is the very conviviality of terracotta, its very primitiveness, plasticity and playfulness as a medium and its ubiquity as a ceramic medium in almost all cultures that signifies a meaning as the re…