Heaven and Earth

New works by Nanna Bayer and Judy Boydell

Heaven and Earth
10 November – 1 December 2017

Opening 6pm Friday 10 November
by Michael Keighery


The intention of this group is the suspension of the ordinary – the pieces, shapes and colours are gathering in a carnivalesque installation. It is my playful study of design; the pieces all stem from the same conical shape. Play and design are pretty much the same for me….

– Nanna Bayer

I recently returned from Brittany, France where I had enjoyed the beauty of the repetitive patterns of oysters and their oyster beds: the oysters continually growing by layering their shells and building on what they had already achieved. So I tried to capture in my work something related to the silky smoothness of the interior and the ruggedness of the exterior of the oyster, strong to resist the destruction of the changing tide, the decay and change of their environment of tidal seascape and the big rolling skies exaggerating the rhythm of day and night. I enjoy the balance of rough and smooth, of light and dark, and often the unexpected.


–  Judy Boydell

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