Ceramics Art + Perception #121


  • A Censored Future for Art in Latvia: Better Luck Next Time by Ian Meares
  • Getting There by Owen Rye
  • Thick as Mud. Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle by Matthew Kangas
  • Feminism, Gender Identity and Art by Ray Chen
  • Larger than Life, the life of Tony Natsoulas: So Far by Tony Natsoulas
  • Funk You Too! Humor and Irreverence in Ceramic Sculpture at the Museum of Arts & Design by Andrew Buck
  • Shio Kusaka at David Zwirner Gallery, New York City by Janet Koplos
  • Temporality & Time With Clay by Ayça Ugur and Aygün Dinçer Kirca
  • Daum Museum of Contemporary Art. Coalescence: Exploring Contemporary Ceramics and Artist Communities by Garry Holstein
  • Remember Poole Pottery? by Steve Annandale
  • Puerto Rico’s La Piedra Escrita: A “Re-Inspiration in Clay” by Chris Garcia
  • A Dialog: Daniel Pontoreau and Materiality by Arnauld de L’Epine
  • Ann Agee at PPOW, New York City by Janet Koplos
  • Painted Clay: Wada Morihiro & Modern Ceramics of Japan by Jill Conner

  • The British Tradition of Tea Drinking from Ceramic Cups by Olga Shkolna and Olha Dietochka and Natalya Revenok and Olena Kashshay andMarharyta Puhachenko
  • Mary McKenzie A Malleable Radiance by Lera Kotsyuba
  • Self-Taught and Successful: Ömür Tokgöz by Leman Kalay
  • Gathering the Nimbus by Ting Zhou and Mao Huang
  • Embodied Experience: From Riding to Making by Melanie Alexander
  • Realism and Eloquence in Reuben Ugbine's Ceramic Sculpture by Eva Obodo and Krydz Ikwuemesi andNnaemeka Egwuibe
  • Zoroastrian Humanism and its relationship with Seljuk Ceramics by Abolghasem Dadvar andSoheila Namazalizadeh
  • The Ceramics of Shäki, Azerbaijan by Serap ÜNAL



  • Mimicking Nature Experimental Clay Forms in Ephemeral Site-Specific Installations by Sevda Orr
  • Q&A: Glaze Crawling by Jeff Zamek
  • Q&A: Blue Specking in a Glaze by Jeff Zamek
  • Q&A: Spodumene by Jeff Zamek
  • Ceramic Design with Artificial Intelligence by Chen Han and and Shen Li and Ren Xiangfang

Cover image: Tony Natsoulas, Pablo, 2000, Ceramic, 36" x 24" x 18"