Jindra Vikova | Behind the mirrors


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Jindra Vikova | Behind the mirrors

Herrengasse 17 1010 Vienna Austria

From: 05.12.2018 18:00
To: 08.02.2019

An author who has made a significant impact on the perception of the art aspect of ceramics in the Czech Republic – Jindra Viková. After exhibitions in the US, China and South Korea, the world-renowned Czech sculptor, ceramist and painter also comes to the Czech center Vienna! At the exhibition “Behind the Mirrors” statues, drawings and assemblages can be seen, which form a cross section of their work in more than 40 years. At the same time the artist will present the new edition of the book “It’s Later Than You Think” at the Vernissage on 5.12.2018.

“I perceive art as a path to knowledge not only about what surrounds me, but above all about myself.” Jindra Viková, 2002

The sculptor works with ceramics. Her works are innovative, full of emotions and sudden changes of sentiment that are naturally transmitted to the viewer. Much more important than what and how the works are created is the message and understanding of interpersonal relationships.

The title of the exhibition is not accidental. The term Behind the Mirrors was first used by Lewis Carol, whose book bears the title Alice behind the Mirrors, which connects to the first part of Alice in Wonderland . As the artist herself adds, for them this connection of words represents a special border between reality and imagination – “It is a situation to which I often return. It probably best describes the place where my works (especially those of recent years) are found. ”

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