Anne Marie Laureys

Since the moment Anne Marie Laureys started studying at the ceramic department, Luca school of Art, Gent, Belgium she has never lived a day without clay.

From the start of her career she focussed on throwing. First utility ware in limited editions and bit by bit developing a body of work from mere functionality to the point of abstraction, modeling the thrown clay-wall into unique sculptural ceramic objects. Laureys takes her time finding the shape of a bowl, remolding and refolding the clay over and over again until it speaks with her unique voice. Her ceramics are renowned for their sense of excitement and freshness and are always exceedingly tactile. She puts an extremely personal sensibility into these thrown and altered forms.

The results reveal an exchange of ideas by the maker with the material, illustrating the liaison between body and material. The mechanical body, muscles and hands, the sensual body of touching, the emotional body as a treasure of experiences, the social body being a human amongst others and the thinking body ventilating ideas.

Her work travels in Belgium, Europe, Asia, USA. Anne Marie has pieces featured in major museums and private collections around the world.


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