Craig Hartenberger (USA) & Renata Cassiano (Mex)

Craig Hartenberger is an artist who was born and educated in the American middle west. Hartenberger uses clay as his primary sculptural medium and works most often with wood firing. Hartenberger’s work has been exhibited in a variety of exhibitions in the USA, Mexico, Denmark, and Taiwan as well as others, and is in public collections in Denmark, Germany, Latvia, and Slovenia. Website.

Renata Cassiano is a Mexican-Italian artist born in Mexico City. Cassiano works predominantly in the medium of clay, introducing materials such as concrete, plaster and wood to her sculptures. Educated in Mexico, Denmark and the US, she has had the opportunity to work indifferent clay environments from a ceramics factory in the north of Italy, a residency center in Denmark and with artists such as Nina Hole and Gustavo Perez. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, USA, Denmark, Cuba and Japan among others and can be found in public collections in Taiwan, Germany, Denmark, Latvia and Slovenia.