Mark Del Vecchio (USA)

Mark Del Vecchio (b. 1958) managed a business providing ceramic slides for educators before joining the Ceramic Arts Foundation (then The Institute for Ceramic History) in 1981. He was the organizing director for Modernism and Ceramics, CAF’s second international ceramic symposium at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. In the same year, in partnership with Garth Clark, he opened Garth Clark Gallery in Los Angeles, and then moved to New York in 1983 to direct GSG’s new gallery on West 57th Street. He has continued to work with CAF and together with Clark and Dawn Bennett. he was an organizing director of the massive Ceramic Millennium: Leadership Conference for the Ceramic Arts in Amsterdam in 1999, a conference attended by 3,500 delegates from 56 nations, which included a huge ceramic arts and film festival. An active speaker internationally, Del Vecchio has also written numerous catalog essays and articles, and published the critically acclaimed book Postmodern Ceramic, a widely-used text in the art schools. His honors include lifetime achievement awards (Museum of Arts and Design, New York, Friends of Contemporary Ceramics) and an honorary doctorate from the Kansas CIty Art Institute.