Steve Williams

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Steve was born in Wagga Wagga (‘many crows’- Wiradjuri) NSW, 1960 and completed visual art/ceramic and ceramic design qualifications in 1981.

Steve’s dedication to local clays, rocks and timbers within his woodfired ceramics practice translates into works with a raw Australian character and objects that capture the playful and responsive qualities of clay.

Steve’s forms are thrown and finished in one sitting and progress to the kiln with minimum interruption. To this end he has invented a number of techniques that allow forms to have an ‘active footed zone’, without turning.

Steve has been a presenter, panellist and artist-in-residence at festivals and conferences In Australia and abroad.

Steve was instrumental in the establishment and delivery of Aboriginal design training in TAFE NSW 2010 – 2013, and continues to support Aboriginal artists in their ceramic endeavours.