Shop Front Trail 2024



For the duration of the festival, local business owners in Gulgong are transforming their shop-front windows into mini-exhibition spaces. They are inviting ceramists and potters to display, and sell their work, as part of the popular ‘Shop Front Trail’.

Clay Gulgong 2024 is currently calling for expressions of interest from delegates who will have work available by the time of the festival to join the Shop Front Trail.

For more information, please contact Jennifer on 0474 492 880 or email Bernadette at



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    The Trail runs for the duration of Clay Gulgong 2024, from 15 April until 21 April 2024. All delegates at our event will receive a Program, which will include a map of the Trail, featuring all participating businesses within the Gulgong area. Each business will be provided with a sign, detailing the potters name(s).

    The Terms of Agreement between the potter and business may be summarised as follows:
    • potter delivers work to business early on 1st day of event
    • parties agree if work will/will not be for sale
    • there is no commission on sale of work for business
    • all care and no responsibility accepted for pots – no insurance obligation upon business, left at potter’s risk
    • display of work at business discretion – can request potter do everything in terms of display
    • business to keep record of sales and details indicated on list provided to business by potter
    • sold works collected by purchaser on last day or by other arrangement with potter
    • all works sold/unsold collected on final day, business not obliged to deliver
    • business must pay potter for any work sold (when potter collects work)

    If you would like to be included in our Shop Front Trail we will need the following:

    • an image of your work
    • full name and CV
    • title of exhibition

    We will be accepting applications until MARCH 25th. After which point, our Committee will contact successful applicants and advise them of the business they have been allocated. The potter will then contact the business to discuss the space available for their exhibition.