Marina Pribaz

Marina Pribaz is a Ceramic Artist and Painter who has completed an Honours Degree majoring in Painting at RMIT in 1996, and later studied in the Diploma course Ceramics at Ballarat University. She has worked tutoring in painting at RMIT in the late 1990’s before moving up to the Central Highlands region of Daylesford, Victoria in 2000. Marina works predominantly in Porcelain in either the slip-cast method, from molds made by the artist, or hand-building methods to create unique, intuitive pieces that are hand-painted to reveal various narratives, and themes that investigate dichotomies between vulnerability and fragiity vs. resilience within the human condition and environment. She has exhibited in various exhibitions within Australia.
Awards: Michael Hallam award for Innovative Ceramics 2016
Joint recipient Michael Hallam award 2018, 2021
Peoples Choice Award Melbourne and Sydney Teapot Shows 2018
Winner of Sydney Teapot Show 2019
instagram: @marinapribaz