K-12 Exhibition


The National K-12 ceramic exhibition is a bi-annual juried ceramics competition for kindergarten through to year 12 (K-12) students in Australia. It is designed to showcase the best K-12 ceramic work made by school students from all around the country, and from all educational backgrounds. The K-12 exhibition takes place every two years in conjunction with the Clay Gulgong Ceramics Festival.

Clay Gulgong K-12 Application Form

  • Clay Gulgong K-12 is open to all K-12 students sponsored by their teachers in public and private schools withinAustralia only.
  • Teachers must enter existing and finished works made primarily of clay and glaze only. Works must have beenmade within the last 2 years and created exclusively by the student.
  • Teachers must pay a $10 entry fee per student to cover exhibition costs. This can be purchased from the site shop.
  • Teachers may submit up to 3 individual works per student for consideration by our panel.
  • Teachers must limit their entries to no more than 10 total entries (10 students).
  • Teachers must complete one form for each student.
  • Please note that only 80 pieces will be selected for the exhibition across the following groups: K-5, 6-8, 9-10, and11-12. Teachers will be notified via email of the juror decisions. No discussion will be entered into regarding thejuror’s decisions.
  • Please be aware that organising the transport of selected work to the exhibition is the responsbility of the teacher.