Clay Gulgong to host 2nd  K-12 Competition

K-12 Competition


Clay Gulgong 2020 to host the second K-12 Competition

We are thrilled to announce that Clay Gulgong will host the second K-12 Competition, a juried ceramic competition for Australian students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12. To launch this exciting and new national competition, we have invited a select number of public and private schools to submit entries from their best and brightest ceramics students.

Designed to showcase the breadth of young ceramics talent in the country, the competition is intended to run in conjunction with the Clay Gulgong Ceramics Festival.

For further information please contact Bernadette on event@claygulgong.com

JUDGE for 2020 is TBA.

Here is the K-12 information that you need to know:

The first K-12 competition is open to K-12 students within Australia only;

  • Teachers must enter existing and finished works made primarily of clay and glaze only. Works must have been made with the last 12 months and created exclusively by the student;
  • Entry is free however you will have to pay postage or deliver to our Sydney office.
  • Teachers must submit 1 work per student for consideration by our juror;
  • Teachers must complete 1 form per student;
  • Please note that only 40 pieces will be selected for the exhibition across the following groups: K-5, 6-8, 9-10 and 11-12.
  • Teachers will be notified via email of the juror decisions. No discussion will be entered into regarding the juror’s decisions.
  • Please be aware that organising the transport of selected work to the exhibition is the responsibility of the teacher. We will provide you with details of our preferred shipping company.

Please complete the K-12 ENTRY FORM below.


Will finalists / entries be shown at Clay Gulgong or will it be an internet gallery?

 – The works will be exhibited during the Clay Gulgong festival and also on our website as an e-gallery. There will be formal opening during the festival with judges comments provided.

Will you be having any kind of exhibition of student work at Clay Gulgong?

 – The K-12 exhibition will be the only student exhibition at Clay Gulgong.

Does the work have to have been produced in the last 12 months or 2 years?

 – The work does need to have been made in the last 12 months

Can one “artwork” be several pieces – most HSC student works are multiples and they consider them to be one work?

 – There is a limit of three pieces of work to a ‘series’ to be judged, critiqued and exhibited as ‘one work’.

What is the closing date for Entries?

– You must complete the online form by March 30 2020.

Are there restrictions on the number of pieces entered by one school?

 – While there are no restrictions, teachers and their schools are responsible for the packaging and transport costs to the Sydney office. This promotes discernment.

Is there a size limit on the image upload to your site?

 – Yes, it is 3 megabytes per image

What will the prizes be and how are they structured – each year group or Stage (eg: Stage 5 is Year 9 and 10 and Stage 6 is Year 11 and 12) or Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary?

 – The prize structure for High School students is by year and not stage: Years 7 to 12 will be six separate categories. For the K to 6 students, we are going to have six separate categories too. 

 – All the advice we have received supports this structure, and that is to not judge, critique and exhibit within Stages.