Tim See

Tim See is from Central New York. He teaches thousands of people daily the craft of clay through live streams, videos and answering endless questions. These experiences help to mold Tim’s path of service to the clay community. He mentors individuals and groups so they too can find a way to self-expression and make the pots they want to make.

At the local level, Tim is a founding member of The Independent Potters Organization geared toward community service and education. Tim is also involved in Empty Bowls, Scholastics Art programs and High School Pottery Competitions

Tim makes wood-fired pots, simple in form yet complex in decoration and meaning. The pots serve as illustrations of a grand story, so far ten-plus years in the telling. The more complicated forms, such as oil cans, are all part of the story’s world.

He still, after all that, finds time to travel the United States doing workshops and demos, spreading his joy of clay.