Playing with Fire: CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark

It all started with a visit to the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen about 30 years ago. British potter Edmund de Waal was faced with an old-fashioned display case with a dense grouping of Axel Salto’s ceramics. There they were, side by side, these strange vessels with spikes and glazes that seemed to be moving as if still in flux; odd things that avoided anything he had ever seen before. They were not traditional vessels with decorations on the outside, but were somewhere in between inside and out. They were vases that seemed to be ‘growing on the spot’, as Axel Salto puts it.

Clay Houses

Sketching the work is the best method I’ve found to force myself into close observation, deep looking. During the sketching process I learn things about the work I would never have noticed. Somewhere, long ago, I read, if you want to know something, sketch that thing.

Interrogating the African Electoral System: Narrative in Conceptual Ceramics

Conceptual ceramics have unlimited boundaries, and go beyond household utility into issues of societal concerns. This series uses a conceptual approach to portray and interrogate the electioneering malpractices that have bedeviled the political landscape of African democracy. Basterdized Electoral Process, (2017), the title of the work in this study, illustrates the politics of greed, impunity and insensitivity used against the citizens of Africa, to keep them under the weight of oppression.

Collage, Montage, and Perception: Unveiling Postcolonial Aesthetics of the Female Body in Printed Ceramics

From a young age, women are taught to constantly scrutinize their image. I often experienced feelings of inadequacy and shame that seemed to revolve around how others viewed at my body, causing me to look closely at myself, playing both spectator and spectacle (Berger, 1972). My Indian body feels fragmented, held together by the gaze especially because the worry of how others perceive us (women) is often centered on the male gaze.

Marea Gazzard: Utopia Art Sydney

Marea Gazzard was a special person. She was an artist with a clear and refined sensibility who, over a lifetime of work, established an international reputation for her reductive, essential forms in clay. Her work is widely collected and exhibited.