Feature article by Boscacci

Louise Boscacci writes on her enduring relationship with the sea.

Louise Boscacci explores clay and ceramics as a material language of flow, chance, touch and possibility. “I make pots and other things,” she writes. “They are all connected.” Her practice also composes interplays of porcelain, light, photography and sound in new objects and assemblages. An alumna of the National Art School, Boscacci has exhibited widely in Australia over the past two decades, been resident in the Australia Council London Studio, and continues to experiment with new ways and works as vital to her ceramic vocabulary. The ‘encounter’, and “‘country’, affective places, living grounds …”, are resonant refrains.  Her article for Yarrobil is a piece of intersectional writing: worded forms that play with and move from the making processes of the studio towards a synergy of expression. It is drawn from her recent PhD research: The Trace of an Affective Object Encounter: a picture postcard, its provocations, and processual becomings.