Ceramics Art + Perception #88


  • Steve Gorman: Below the Surface by Tanya Hartman
  • Creamware by Gil McElroy
  • Stephen Bowers’ Ceramics by Kevin Murray
  • Earthenware of Paula Shalan by Scott Norris
  • Annette Schultz: Post Apartheid Identity by Judy Peter
  • Adrian Arleo by Matthew Kangas
  • The Narrative Knot by Brett Ballard
  • Art, Objecthood and Clay – Harris Deller by Anthony Merino
  • Claudia Lis “Sometimes a chance sets you off” by Tony Birks
  • The Pursuit of Porcelain by Colette Copeland
  • The Sculpture of Rytas Jakimavičius by Anthony Stellaccio
  • Transcendent by Susannah Israel
  • Unbroken – Cheryl Lucas by Andrew Wood
  • Dirk Staschke byJudy Seckler
  • Jim Malone at Goldmark Gallery by Ann Head

  • Grid and Planes: Alexandra McCurdy by Jonathan Smith
  • TableSpace by Janet Koplos
  • Exuberance and Restraint by Léopold Foulem
  • Art and Nature: Ardmore Ceramics by Ingrid Stevens
  • Adil Writer – Working his Charm by Ray Meeker
  • Steven Portigal by Judy Seckler
  • Sten Børsting by Jørgen Steinicke
  • Bone and Verdure – Chris Vicini by Ludmila Hyman
  • Toshiko Takaezu: Expressions in Clay by Dandee Pattee
  • Grotesque Garden: Matt Nolen by Kate Missett
  • Dan Arbeid: A Remembrance by Tony Birks
  • Dan Arbeid: A Retrospective by Andy Christian
  • Push Play – Reinventing the Wheel by Judy Seckler
  • Belinda Fox/Neville French: In Collaboration by Brett Ballard 11
  • Ken Price – A Remembrance by Karen Koblitz

Cover image: Harris Deller, Yellow and Orange Teapot,