Ceramics: Art + Perception – #116

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  • The Storyteller: The Woven Narratives of Natalia Dias by Natasha Mayo
  • Ryoji Koie by Sebastian Blackie
  • Owen Rye: A Daedal Gallimaufry by Morag Fraser
  • Clay Today: A Group With a Vision by Christina Rauh Oxbøll and Pia Wirnfeldt
  • CLAY Talk by Frank Boyden
  • Mary Law: Forthright by Janet Koplos
  • Drifting Dangerously: Pharmacological Art and Simon Reece’s Flotsam and Jetsam by Peter Minter
  • Svend Bayer: Last Pot Standing by Sebastian Blackie
  • Fathers and Sons by Jeffrey Hantover
  • Take it out of the Garden by Bernard Kerr
  • Firing the Phalluses: Rites of Passage in May Okafor’s Royal Gorgeousness by Odoja Asogwa, George Odoh and Nneka Odoh
  • Black Friday by Jeff Zamek
  • Vale Robin Welch – Potter, Painter, Printmaker: An Australian Connection 23/7/1936–5/12/2019 by Peter Wilson
  • Redefining the Allegory, Playfulness and Aura of Ceramic Art in the Era of 3D Printing by Bang, Chang Hyun
  • Spontaneous Response: The Innovative Ceramics of Don Reitz by Nancy M Servis
  • Merran Esson: A Life of Collecting by Kirsty and James Esson


  • Hector Mavridis: Seeking the Elemental by Eleni Bastéa
  • Rachel Wood: Sentient by Peter Wilson
  • Wrinkles Tell the Story: The Patchwork Quilt of Life by Lei Shen and Muhammad Hussnain Sethi
  • The Appropriation of Tradition in Contemporary Korean Ceramics by Jisu Hong
  • The Fashionable Figures of 1916–1928 Chinese Porcelain by Shuying Wang
  • Industrial One of 3.0: Machine’s Hand-made by Shlomit Bauman


  • The Flavor of Fire: An approach to Flashing in Wood Fired Kilns by Derek Larsen
  • Q&A: Crystal Growth in the Same Glaze Upon Cooling by Jeff Zamek
  • Developing a Ceramic Base Engobe from locally available raw materials in Nigeria by Isah Bolaji Kashim, Floxy Imhande Jegede and Samuel Adelabu
  • A New Breath of Life for the Traditional Pottery of Avanos: Candle Stove – Iglo by Nizam Orçun Önal and Pınar Baklan Önal

Cover image: Owen Rye, Jar 3, 2019, stoneware, wood fired, ash glaze, 55 x 35 cm
Image credit: Andrew Northover, The View From Here.