Ceramics: Art + Perception – #119

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      • Magdalene Odundo: The Past is Another Country by Sebastian Blackie
      • Zoe Preece: In Reverence by Frances Woodley
      • All About the Material: An Exhibition of Wood-fired Ceramics by Geoff Thomas by Peter Wilson
      • Picasso a Ceramicist? Absolutely by Léopold L. Foulem
      • Beyond Short Street by Owen Rye – Book Review by Jack Troy
      • Clay Gulgong National K-12 Student Ceramics Competition by Karen King and Felicity Wood
      • Worldstoke 2022: An Idea Whose Time has Come by Bobby Scroggins
      • Worldstoke 2022 by Ray Gonzales
      • Down the Rabbit Hole, Chased by a Poodle by Craig Hinshaw
      • Masterful Works 2022 by The Masters of Clay Gulgong 2022
      • Passages from India by Robert Silberman
      • Elisa D’Arrigo: Materializing at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York City by Janet Koplos
      • No Man is an Island: a review of an exhibition and a life by Sebastian Blackie
      • Nicholas Weddell by Elaine Olafson Henry
      • Kodai: A Foot Fetish by Derek Larsen


  • Kelly Austin: In Search of Place by Rebecca Coates
  • Elizabeth Jaeger at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York City by Janet Koplos
  • Twelve Zodiacal Animal Deities and Fragmented Thoughts on Nine Cows by Bang, Chang Hyun
  • AWARD with British Ceramics Biennial 2021 by Rhiannon Ewing-James
  • Katy Schimert at Derek Eller Gallery, New York City by Janet Koplos
  • Janina Myronova: International Maker by Paul Bailey
  • Chase Travaille by Elaine Olafson Henry
  • Lee Jeongmee: Nature Incarnated by Jisu Hong


  • The Origins of Clay by Chris Garcia
  • Colour at Cone 10 by Alexandra Copeland
  • Sustainable Pottery: the Locally Made Kiln Shelves of Nigeria by Temitope Ologunwa
  • Nixing Pottery by Chu Xingbiao, Zhang Jiamei, Jiang Yuhao and Liu Qingtao
  • Q&A: Jelly Roll Delamination by Jeff Zamek

Cover image: Geoff Thomas, Bottle 1, 12 x 22.5 cm.
Image courtesy of Peter Wilson.