Words @ Clay Gulgong

Ceramic Wordsmith Workshop
with Michael Brissenden

After 35 years as a political journalist and foreign correspondent with the ABC, Michael Brissenden is writing fiction about murder, crime and corruption and has also returned to his first love – ceramics which he studied before turning to journalism. He now needs to use the words he has worked with all his life to describe his ceramic practice. Join him to work together to find the right way to describe your own work.

What guides what you do? What do you want your work to say? Why should anyone care? Let’s find the best way to design the most effective and compelling artists statement and description of your work.

The workshop is open to all Clay Gulgong delegates and will take place over two days from 10am-12pm on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th April.
Participants need to commit themselves to attending both workshops. Bring a piece of your own work to describe if you would like to.

Sign up at registration or fill in this form: Sign up for Ceramics Wordsmith Workshop