Be a contestant on THROWDOWNUNDER

Be a contestant on THROWDOWNUNDER

Do you want to be a contestant on the first Australian THROWDOWNUNDER with Keith Brymer-Jones?

Clay Gulgong is excited to be working in collaboration with KBJ to run this week-long competition during our week-long international ceramics festival.

If you have already seen the global success of The Great Pottery Throw Down you will know what to expect! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be involved (and why wouldn’t you?!) then fill out this application form and send it to KBJ.

    In no more than 200 words explain below why you would make a BRILLIANT contestant on THROWDOWNUNDER 2020

    *please note that you will be undertaking a challenge each day in public, as well as being filmed. The results of your challenge will also be discussed publicly, as well as being filmed.


    *Please note you must be a registered delegate to apply.