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We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join Team Gulgong for Clay Gulgong 2020. Successful applicants will work under the leadership of the established leaders of Team Gulgong who have been the backbone of the Gulgong festivals for nearly 30 years. Tasks include helping to set-up Red Hill as well as assisting with the bump-out to Morning View on the last day of the festival. Team Gulgong also actively assist with the set-up for all the masters and ensure they are available to ensure that the week runs as smoothly as possible. There is also a requirement to assist with all the satellite exhibition spaces around town and their security. All members of Team Gulgong off-set their registration fees and are reimbursed transport costs as well as enjoy other benefits throughout the week.

If you are interested in joining Team Gulgong 2020 please email Bernadette Mansfield at before December 1st 2019.


For Clay Gulong 2020 we are looking for SIX people to sit our major exhibition spaces. Two people will be allocated the Memorial Hall, two people will be allocated the CWA Hall and two people the Masonic Hall. This allows for each space to be covered in alternating shifts between the hours of opening: 9am – 4pm each day. Successful applicants will be able to off-set their registration fees and enjoy all the benefits of Clay Gulgong 2020 by careful planning with their exhibition-sitter partner.

Expressions of interest, in the first instance, should be sent to Bernadette Mansfield at


We are seeking expressions of interest for the position of curators assistants for Clay Gulgong 2020. Working under the direction of Marta Donaghey (senior curator of the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London) you will have the opportunity to work with one of the worlds leading curators. The two successful applicants will be required to arrive for the festival two days earlier than the delegates to assist Marta with the set-up of the Masters Exhibition and the World Stage Exhibition. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in curating in the unique setting of Gulgong – and an incredible addition to your CV. If you are interested in apprenticing under one of the worlds best, please email Bernadette Mansfield at