Redefining the Allegory, Playfulness and Aura of Ceramic Art in the Era of 3D Printing

William Morris said “true happiness in modern society is only possible if you are an artist or a thief”. Minor and repetitive work, or the kind of work that requires years of training and experience never fails to lack the element of enjoyment. An excerpt from his article titled, The Aims of Art published in his book Signs of Change reveals a softening in the perspective of Morris regarding work and machines:

“Why does a reasonable man use a machine? Surely to save his labor. There are some things which a machine can do as well as a man's hand, PLUS a tool, can do them… That, so far, is unmixed gain in the use of a machine − always, mind you, supposing equality of condition among men; no art is lost, leisure or time for more pleasurable work is gained”. 1