Widulafen modern ceramics of Panguipulli commune.

The Aesthetics of Clay. Mapuche Pottery, visual identity and technological diversity

Widulafen modern ceramics of Panguipulli commune.

Leonor Adán A, Margarita Alvarado P, Simón Urbina A Ceramics Art + Perception 108 2018 Art + Perception LATEST ISSUE HOME →

The ceramic artefacts produced and created by the Mapuche people1 display a tremendous aesthetic richness embodied in a variety of forms and technical solutions that express different visual identities. These ceramics have been made in Mapuche lands since the 3rd century AD, in the territory of what is now known as Chile, in South America. Major changes were introduced when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in these regions in the 16th century, and the lives of these indigenous peoples changed radically. But ceramic artefacts continued to be an important form of expression as incarnations of a wide range of social and cultural signifiers.

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