The Story of HeartMoss Pottery: Hannah and Emi Escape to a Beautiul life.

Experts estimate that functional pottery has been around since approximately 9000 to 10,000 BC. When asked about the pottery she creates, one of the first things Hannah Martin will tell you is that her work is functional. And while that is one important aspect of her work, the thing that catches the eye is the stunning beauty and depth of her work which she says is inspired by the majestic scenery of the Appalachian Mountains where she creates, and the farming journey she and her wife, Emilia Jones, aka Emi, embarked upon six years ago. In addition to farming, both knew that making pottery would be an integral part of the life they intended. Today, that journey has resulted in a studio called HeartMoss Pottery where they make functional and artistic pieces of pottery that they sell through craft fairs, the HeartMoss website (, and sometimes at their local farmers market.