Unsanctioned: The Ceramic Artworks of Julie Lovelace

If you go down to Johannesburg, South Africa today ‘be sure of a big surprise’. Amongst the grimy brickwork you may glimpse intense almost garish colour or pattern; the gaze of a disembodied doll or a haphazard collection of decorated porcelain plates. You could be faced with a kitsch green toad balanced atop a collection of building blocks embellished with patterns created by spraying on-glaze through lace, or adorned with decals of flowers, leaves or weaponry; you might also find children’s alphabet blocks, bath ducks, toy soldiers or a miniature Ionic column in an unexpected place. These encounters are possible in the less salubrious edges of downtown Johannesburg where ceramics artist, Julie Lovelace, has been inserting her idiosyncratic Unsanctioned Interventions

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