Ceramics Art + Perception #100


  • Zemer Peled: Harsh Terrain by Brandon Reintjes
  • Taming Nature by Anthony Merino
  • Ashwini Bhat by Anthony Merino
  • Regina Heinz by Paul Bailey
  • Susan Harris – Lidded Vessels by Nancy M Servis
  • Darien Arikoski-Johnson by Erin Marie McDonald
  • The Sculpture of Ande Barrett-Hegan by Leo King
  • Claudi Casanovas: Recent Work by Arnauld de L’Epine
  • Ariel Bowman: Her Brave Ancient World by S Portico Bowman
  • Satoru Hoshino by Tony Martin
  • Kathy King/Chris Theiss: He Said, She Said by Richard W James
  • Adil Writer – Object of Art by Oroon Das
  • Ann Mortimer: A Retrospective by Heidi McKenzie
  • Heikki Rahikainen – Form and Intuition by Teija Isohauta

  • A Veterans Memorial by Christy Johnson
  • Gail Nichols by Meredith Hinchliffe
  • Coeleen Kiebert: From the Heart by Nancy Selvin
  • From Another Shore – Leman Kalay by Adile Feyza Çakir Özgündogdu
  • On Ester Beck’s Work: Raw Material by Shlomit Bauman
  • Po-Ching Fang: Vision, Tension and Persistence by Deborah Bedwell
  • Jim Melchert – Works of Resonance by Nancy M Servis
  • Jeff Johnston – Cairns: A Personal Journey by Zach Tate
  • A Response to the Review of Tip Toland’s Work by Tip Toland
  • Roseline Delisle: All Good Things by Judy Seckler
  • Poppies – A Memorial to Fallen Soldiers by Sebastian Blackie
  • Book Review – William Daley: Ceramic Artist by Jack Troy
  • Book Review: Ceramica, Mexican Pottery of 20th Century by Jeff Zamek
  • Book Review: Horizon: Transferware by Jeff Zamek

Cover image: Chris Theiss, Dr Doodle,