Ceramics Art + Perception #99


  • Ian Johnston: Reinventing Consumption by Gil McElroy
  • Amy Smith and Simon Levin by Heather Davis
  • Sunkoo Yuh: An Archaeologist Possessed by Bang Chang Hyun
  • George Ohr – Desiring Disquiet by Robert Yoskowitz
  • Wendy Kershaw by Paul Bailey
  • Catherine Lee: Always Inspired, Always at it by Victor Cassidy
  • Eunjoo Lee: The Dance of the Light by Leman Kalay
  • Harlan House by Mary Ann Steggles
  • The Porcelain Sculptures of Pálma Babos by Zsolt Bagi
  • The Figure as a Map to Human Experience by Edith Garcia Monnet
  • Finding the Words in Karin Karinson’s Sculpture by Anthony Stellaccio
  • Steve Reynolds (1940–2007) by Kathleen Whitney
  • Robin Hopper by Mary Ann Steggles
  • Tranchée – Alexandra Engelfriet by Marc Higgin

  • Reverie: Amanda Salov by Dandee Pattee
  • Jessica Stoller at PPOW by Adam Welch
  • The Art and Politics of Léopold Foulem by Raphael Yu
  • Body of Desires Beneath Porcelain Skin by Zhang Hongxia
  • Henny Linn Kjellberg: Critical Mass by Mason Riddle
  • Apex – Tip Toland by Kyle Yoshioka
  • Naidee Changmoh: Thailand’s Mr Good Potter by Hadrian Mendoza
  • Nicole Cherubini – Kissbite by Janet Koplos
  • Monika Patuszyńska’s Operation Książ by Jeroen Bechtold
  • Ira Winarsky: Vessels of Light and Landscape by Sarah McNutt
  • Resurfaced – Darren Emenau by Peter J Larocque
  • Tony Birks: A Remembrance by Maggie Barnes
  • Yoshiro Ikeda: A Remembrance by Glen R Brown
  • Ira Winarsky: A Remembrance by Nan Smith

Cover image: Wendy Kershaw, Porcelain Book,