Ceramics Art + Perception #98


  • Ceramics in Peru by Matthew Kangas
  • Monica Rudquist: Incontext by Robert Silberman
  • Unbounded – Kerry Jameson by Bonnie Kemske
  • The Work of Lilly Zuckerman by Jeffrey Spahn
  • Arturo Martini by Lori-Ann Touchette & Rolando Giovannini
  • Lone Skov Madsen and Per Ahlmann by Pia Wirnfeldt
  • Bill Stewart by Shirley Dawson
  • James Tower – Painter/Sculptor by Tony Birks
  • Lynda Benglis at Cheim & Reid by Janet Koplos
  • Harumi Nakashima by Tony Martin
  • Roberto Lugo: Not Fearing the Message by Blair Schulman
  • The Return of Our Mother by G N Ojie-Ogwu & U N O Edewor
  • Gareth Mason – Ecstacy and Beyond by Jan Garden Castro
  • Betty Woodman: Seeing Art from the Inside by Jan Garden Castro

  • Sharbani Das Gupta – Insights by Laurie Rufe
  • Impermanence Embodied: Jenny Swanson by Glen R Brown
  • Sigrid Barrett: Fundamental to Good Art is Drawing by Tony Birks
  • Clay’s Sweet Symphony – 2014 Scripps College by Zhang Hongxia
  • Suzuki Osamu: Image in Clay by Janet Koplos
  • Cathy Rose – Watermark by Ronna Perelson
  • Stephen Benwell: Beauty, Anarchy, Desire by Kimberley Chandler
  • Beyond the Skin and Beyond the Horizon: Wayne Higby by Naomi Frangos
  • Narrative of Fire: Bodies and Clay by Anthony Merino
  • Insight Into Beauty – Chawan Teabowls by Stephen Knott

Cover image: Robert Lugo, Food Stamp Teapot 2014,