Ceramics Art + Perception #97


  • Margaret O’Rorke and Beverley Bell Hughes by Bonnie Kemske
  • Soda Fired Ceramics by Matt Kelleher by David Romtvedt
  • Ucki Kossdorff: The Condensed Man by Hannelore Seiffert
  • Print and Clay by Zach Tate
  • Edges – David Crane by Joshua Green
  • Breath: Beth Lo in Korea by Brandon Reintjes
  • Chris Keenan at Oxford Ceramics by Harriet Smith
  • Whitney Biennial 2014 by Adam Welch
  • Language of the Heart: The Work of John Foster by John Kaufman
  • Marie Torbensdatter Hermann by Elizabeth Reichert
  • The Professionalism of Ted Secombe by Owen Rye
  • Lou Pierozzi by Antoinette Badenhorst
  • Clay Bodies at Barry Friedman Ltd New York by Janet Koplos
  • Paul Philp – Shadows byNancy M Servis

  • Dark Garden: Linda Huey by Judith Tolnick Champa
  • Warren MacKenzie by Robert Silberman
  • Susana Espinosa & Toni Hambleton: Encuentro by Judy Seckler
  • Out of Necessity by Adam Welch
  • Kathy Venter – Life by Gil McElroy
  • Christopher Adams by Janet Koplos
  • Constancy: Peter Wilson and the Work of Art by Dr Marilyn Walters
  • Notes from Art Basel Miami by Ivan Albreht
  • Janet DeBoos by Tony Martin
  • Shipwreck and Metaphor: English Transferware by Erica Warren

Cover image: Ted Secombe, Ribbed Bowl,
Image courtesy of Adrienne Gilligan Photography