Ceramics Art + Perception #102


  • The Skeleton of Existence: Barbro Åberg by Louise Mazanti
  • Falling in Love Again: Jeff Oestreich and Pat Burns by Dr Matthew Tyas
  • Kayoko Hoshino by Piece by Tony Martin
  • Chawan at Salon 94 by Adam Welch
  • Chris Gustin – Comfort is a Dead Zone by Kathleen Whitney
  • The UK Crafts Council Collection by Paul Bailey
  • Meredith Host – Translated Pattern by Tanya Hartman
  • Luca Lanzi: Part Dream, Part Reality by Rolando Giovannini
  • Peter Christian Johnson – Constructing Labour by Paul Northway
  • Ron Nagle – Peripheral Cognition by Sara Morris
  • The Arris, Interrupted: Carina Ciscato by Bonnie Kemske
  • Jiman Choi – Traces of Silence by Sandra Trujillo
  • The Ceramic Art Works of Julie Lovelace by Karen von Veh
  • Linda S Fitz Gibbon: Beautifully Grotesque by Julia Couzens

  • Los Angeles Honours Ralph Bacerra by Christy Johnson
  • Paola Staccioli – A Graceful Boldness by Rolando Giovannini
  • Rose Cabat: Feelin’ Groovy by Judy Seckler
  • Connection X Connection: Paula Murray by Christian Bernard Singer
  • Julia Galloway: The Place it is That We Call Home by Robert Silberman
  • Urban Clay – Deploying Craft in the City by Linda Swanson
  • Satan Ceramics at Salon 94 by Adam Welch
  • Christopher Headley – War Spoils by Joe Pascoe
  • Japanese Ceramics by Bonnie Kemske
  • Coeleen Kiebert: A Response to a Review by Coeleen Kiebert
  • Peter Rushforth (1920–2015) – A Remembrance by Steve Harrison
  • Philip Cornelius (1934–2015) – A Remembrance by Rimas VisGirda
  • Vessel/Sculpture 2 by Andy Christian

Cover image: Paula Murray, Connection X Connection (Installation View),