Ceramics Art + Perception #103


  • Shamai Gibsh by Shira Silverston
  • Omur Tokgoz’s Op Art Ceramics by Leman Kalay
  • Ceramic Art: Leaving the Ghetto by Marc Leuthold
  • Ceramics That Change: Post-War Italy by R Giovannini & L Touchette
  • Renee Brown – Profusion by Stephen Glueckert
  • China Unbound: Heidi McKenzie by Gil McElroy
  • Gerit Grimm’s Constructed Histories by Laura O’Donnell
  • Reflections on a Recent Visit to the V&A by Paul Mathieu
  • Ron Geibel & Lindsay Scypta: Everything is Perfect by Caitlin Brown
  • Les Manning by Tony Martin
  • Lynn Duryea’s Sculpture by Jim Toub
  • An Exhibition by Nicolene Swanepoel (1962–2016) by Wilma Cruise
  • Alvin Tan Teck Heng by A O’Loughlin & M Valnezuela
  • Family Affair: Isupov and Pärnamets by Anthony E Stellaccio
  • Anders Ruhwald – Almost Everything by Naomi Frangos

  • Margaret Keelan: Reality Twice Removed by Susannah Israel
  • Rahul Kumar: Evolution of Utilitarian Forms by C Balasubramaniam
  • Steven Montgomery: Subsequent Archaeologies by Michael McTwigan
  • Interpersonal Relationships – Haejung Lee by Zach Tate
  • Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture in Italy by L Touchette & R Giovannini
  • The Work and Vision of Charles Timm-Ballard by Tanya Hartman
  • The Ceramics of K K Broni by E Obodo, G Odoh & C Onoura
  • Neil Tetkowski: Statements for Eternity by Heidi McKenzie
  • The Water Coolers of Nkem Chukwu by Ozioma Onuzulike
  • George Ohr: Sophisticate and Rube – Book Review by Jeff Zamek
  • Early German Stoneware – Book Review by Jeff Zamek
  • Nina Hole – A Remembrance by Gregory Hamilton Miller

Cover image: Alvin Tan Teck Heng, Building an Empire (detail)

Published March 2016