Ceramics Art + Perception #104


  • Janet DeBoos: A Survey by Jessica Oliver
  • Into the Fold – Japanese Ceramics, Horvitz Collection by Midori Oka
  • Unity Through Diversity: Alison Reintjes by Michele Corriel
  • Jack Doherty – Waypoint by Alex Lambley
  • Linda Leonard Schlenger Collection at Yale by Stephen Glueckert
  • Antonella Cimatti: Ghost Still Live by Monica Semprini
  • Many a Slip by Bonnie Kemske
  • Robert L Wood: Sculptures by Chapters by Shirley Dawson
  • Si Ji Jao Handpainted Porcelain by Tang Ying
  • The Sculptures of Shin Yeon Jeon by Mary J Cloonan
  • Metaphorical Fugue – Velimir Vukicevic by Marc Leuthold
  • Filling Work with Values: James Watkins by Anthony Merino
  • Primordial Architecture: Paulina Pöllänen by Sarah Archer
  • Turn, Turn, Turn by David Hume
  • Donna Polseno and Richard Hensley by David Romtvedt

  • Michael Keighery: The Dead Man’s Penny by Peter Haynes
  • Sunshine Cobb – Ethereal Functionalism by Joe Molinaro
  • Eternal Mazurka: Heritage Porcelain of Ćmielów by Matthew Kangas
  • Pam Lins at Rachel Uffner by Adam Welch
  • On the Edge of a Volcano – Emily Gardiner by Paul Bailey
  • Felicity Aylieff: COLLECT 2015 by Bonnie Kemske
  • America Pinched and Pulled: Jenn Brazelton by David L Hume

Cover image: Velimir Vukicevic, One Winter Day

Published September 2016