Ceramics Art + Perception #110


  • New Designers: The First 12 Months by Paul Bailey
  • The Story of HeartMoss Pottery: Hannah and Emi Escape to a Beautiful Life by Diana Blackburn
  • Karen Koblitz: Art Ambassador Across Cultures by Jo Lauria
  • Tableware Wear Where? by David L Hume
  • Christie Brown: Anti-Hierarchical Hybridity By Glen R Brown
  • Ogawa Machiko: Elemental Abstraction By Joe Earle
  • Hand and Heart at Motawi Tileworks By Jonathan Rinck
  • “I can't help but work in installation & multiples”: in Conversation With Hennie Meyer by Wilma Cruise
  • Scott Barnim: 40 Years A Milestone in the Story of a Potter by Denis Longchamps
  • Termini—A Conversation on Death at Cross MacKenzie Gallery, Washington, DC by Janet Koplos
  • Malaysia's Dusun Tindal Pottery by Lale Dilbas and Funda Atlin
  • Clay Man's Capsule by Rodney Mott
  • Steven Heinemann: Culture and Nature by Heidi McKenzie
  • Geng Xue's Sensouos Worlds in Porcelain and Clay by Alma Studholme
  • Porcelain-made Lotus Shoes in the Qing Dynasty of China by Zhang Jiaqin and Liang Huie

  • War/Warrior By Linda Kieft
  • Photos/Pots and Pots/Photos: Ceramics and Photography: Similarities and Differences by Paul Mathieu
  • Questioning Identity by Brian Benfer
  • Craft in the Fourth Revolution by Jisu Hong
  • An Interview with Torbjørn Kvasbø President of the International Academy of Ceramics



  • Ceramics and Alternative Printing with DIP (Desktop Inkjet Printer) Transfer Technique Oya Asan Yuksel and Ismet Yuksel
  • Changsha Kiln Ceramics of the Tang Dynasty and the inspiration of Sassanid Art by Mohsen Jaafarnia, Sahar Boroomand and Lin An
  • Pottery Villages in Myanmar Reviving Traditional Production Techniques by Zeliha Yayla and İlker ÖzkanReduction Firing in an Electric Kiln by Minori Thorpe with Ashley R Barber
  • Q&A: Round Edged Cracks by Jeff Zamek
  • Neighborhood of a Glaze by Carol Marians
  • 3D Printers and Ceramics: a Workshop and Seminar held at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey by Sanver Özgüven

Cover image: Ogawa Machiko