Ceramics Art + Perception #111


  • Figuring Out: Paul Smith by Tim Saunders
  • Breaking Ground: First Indian Ceramics Triennale by Anjani Khanna, Vineet Kacker with Bernadette Mansfield
  • No Green Without Blue: A Journey Into The Sea With Artist Jordan Danger by Jordan Danger
  • The Echo of the Ancient: Xiong Kaibo's Potteries by Xia Cuncao
  • Collaborating With Uncertainty: Towards Visual Complexity by Sandy Lockwood
  • A Cultural Narrative at Lacoste/Keane Gallery: Artists' Statements by Natalia Arbelaez, April D Felipe and Beth Lo
  • Together / Apart: An NCECA Concurrent Exhibition, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust by Vlad Basarab
  • Nina Gaby: Ways to Tell a Story by Shirley Dawson
  • Brian Rochefort 2030 at Van Doren Waxter Gallery, New York City, Jan 9 – Feb 16, 2019 by Janet Koplos
  • Making it up: Alison Britton's Solo Exhibition at Marsden Woo Gallery, London. Nov 8 – Dec 22, 2018 by Alison Britton
  • Caroline Schultz Vieira by Querardien van Vliet
  • Ladi Kwali at Skoto Gallery, New York City by Janet Koplos
  • City of Hobart Art Prize: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery by David L Hume
  • The Contingent by Kerry Jameson
  • Kathryn Hearn: Yesterday, Tomorrow and Beyond by Paul Bailey
  • A Journey to Inner Fire by Babak Daleki

  • Marta Donaghey: Centre of Success by Paul Bailey
  • Tip Toland: Fragile Embodiments by Matthew Kangas
  • Consumed While Consuming by Lale Demir Oransay
  • The Social Role of Ecological Artistic Expression by Wookjae Maeng
  • 2018 CAP Writing Prize | Winner: Bridging the Divide: The Poised Sculpture of Tessa Eastman by Ashley Thorpe
  • Gleanings: A Potter in China. Flood-time, Jingdezhen by Jack Troy
  • Low Expectations by Sebastain Blackie



  • Amorf-scape: Bandung Modern Ceramic Art by Nurdian Ichsan
  • The Technical Side of Pit-firing with Mark Kaun-English by Tim Saunders
  • Optical Activity With Ismet Yuksel by Oya Asan Yuksel
  • Q&A: Hand Injuries in Potters by Jeff Zamek
  • Q&A: Raw Material Particle Size by Jeff Zamek
  • Urban Primitive Firing: My Turkey Pan Roasting ‘Kiln’ by Jayne Shatz

Cover image: Brian Rochefort, Extinction, 2018, ceramic, glaze, glass fragments,
14 1/2 x 16 x 20 inches (58.4 x 45.7 x 38.1 cm).
Image courtesy of the artist and Van Doren Waxter