Ceramics Art + Perception #112


  • Waiting for Godot by Bang, Chang-Hyun
  • The Evolution of Moon Jars in Korean Ceramics by Jisu Hong
  • Ceramic Art London 2019: A Gathering of the Faithful by Paul Bailey
  • Between Zen and Bizen: Violette Dionne's exhibition Fin d'inventaire at
    Galerie dárt dÓutremont, Outremont, Quebec, Oct 11 - Nov 4, 2018 by Léopold L Foulem
  • A Village Industry: Mary Watts and the Compton Pottery by Abbie Latham
  • Things of Beauty Growing: British Studio Pottery at the
    Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA by Janet Koplos
  • Full Circle: Bari Ziperstein so far... and the NZ Pottage Award by Moyra Elliott
  • Scultpure for the Home: Gerard McCarthy: at Elizabeth Harris Gallery New York City by Janet Koplos
  • How I Make My Work by Vipoo Srivilasa
  • Kate Malone: Moving Forward  by Paul Bailey
  • The Mastadon in the Room by Stanton Hunter
  • Zoe Preece: Pacing the Perimeter by Natasha Mayo
  • Nature in the Teapot by Shi Di and Jiaquan Chen
  • Under the Black and Baltic Deep by Robert Silberman

  • Warren MacKenzie: A Life Well Lived. Feb 16 1924–Dec 31 2018 by Tony Martin
  • Why Do We Make What We Make? by Jennifer Everett
  • Cupcakes and Pottery by Jeff Zamek
  • Dean McRaine by Roberta Griffith
  • Are You Going to Gulgong? by Owen Rye



  • Mateusz Grobelny's: Fire Aquariums by Nizam Orçun Önal
  • Q&A: Kiln Shelved and Back Pain by Jeff Zamek
  • Jian Kiln Firing by Tom Lin
  • Pottery Villages in Myanmar: Reviving Traditional Production Techniques  by Zeliha Yayla and İlker Özka
  • Beautiful Maidens: Frank Dei's Painted Pots by George Odoh, Chijioke Onuorah and Eva Obodo

Cover image: Zoe Preece, Material Presence (detail), porcelain and flux.
Image credit: Dewi Lloyd.