Ceramics Art + Perception #113


  • Sam Chung's Clouds of Heritage by Matthew Kangas
  • Carolyn Genders:‘do I know before I start?’ by James Hunting
  • Beau-laid by Frances McDonald
  • Royal College of Art Show 2019 by Paul Bailey
  • Frank James Fisher: Pop Artifacts and Beyond by Richard Rubenfeld
  • Five Cubed by Frances McDonald
  • Liz Watts by Tim Saunders
  • Siddig el Nigoumi: A Potter in Exile by Sebastian Blackie
  • Place It/Face It: Pottery by Eugene McMissick Museum, University of South Carolina (Aug 18 – Dec 15, 2018) by Janet Koplos
  • The Purple Pottery of Jianshui by Mark Messenger
  • Process and Presence: Art and Disability by Jonathan Rinck
  • Lena Peters: Saints and Spirits by Paul Bailey
  • Chinoiserie: Printed British Ceramics in the Chinese Style 1750-1900 by Stephen Bowers
  • Amber Aguirre by Tim Saunders
  • Shiwan Ceramics: Looking Backward to Move Forward by Shi Di and Camilla Groth
  • Cluster of Vases by Torbjorn Kvasbe

  • Ceramics suits me, I am used to disappointment: Making Objects of Contemplation by Sassy Park
  • In an Ideal World: the 2019 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award at Shepparton Art Museum by Damon Moon
  • Mission Impossible: Intonation International Clay Symposium by Svein Narum and Friederike Zeit Narum
  • Julia Galloway:The Democracy of Utility Interview by Janet Koplos



  • UMF Phase Diagrams: Guidemaps for Ceramic Glaze Development by Howard Sawhill
  • Q&A: Soda Firing by Jeff Zamek
  • Traditional Water Pot Installations and Functions in Parts of Igboland, Southeast Nigeria by Eva Obodo and May Okafor
  • The Mechanism of (and Recipes for) Dichroic Glazes by Jenn Wicks and Ryan Coppage

Cover image: Aneta Regal, Yellow and Blue, 2017
Image credit: Frances McDonald