Ceramics Art + Perception #67


  • Sylvia Hyman: Fooling the Eye by Susan Demay
  • Karen Bennicke – Landscapes of Duality by Rikke Rosenberg
  • Kathleen Moroney: Nesting Ground by Suzanne de Vegh
  • The Red Dot, Adil Writer’s Journey by Deborah Smith
  • Crossed Paths: Sipalyte & Huang by Anthony Stellaccio
  • Linda Sormin – Cheh-ae Siah by Diana Sherlock & Nicole Burisch
  • Angelo di Petta: Toritura by Gil McElroy
  • Jenny Mulcahy – Sensing the Silence by Stephen Naylor
  • Ken Matsuzaki & the Yohen Challenge by Andrew Maske
  • ConVerge: The Strength of a Region by Grace Cochrane
  • Masaya Imanishi – Contemporary Sometsuke by Richard Wehrs
  • Susan Collett – Impluvium by Kristen den Hartog
  • Vida Sobott: Interiority by Inga Walton

  • John Byrd – Indeterminate Histories by Elizabeth Reichert
  • Brad Schwieger: New Constructions by Stephanie Lanter
  • Jack Doherty: Revelations by David Whiting
  • Nikos Sklavenitis – Piraeus 1957 by Frank Steyaert
  • Ian Jones: A Love of Japanese Ceramics by Ann McMahon
  • Jasmina Pejcic: Marked by Deconstruction by Biljana Vukotic
  • Coming of Age in Utah by Owen Rye
  • David Jones – Trial by Fire by Catherine Bates
  • Åberg and Keepat Puls Gallery by Gertjan Van der Stelt
  • William Lungas: Solids of Time by Jan Guy
  • An Interview with Scott Meyer by Richard Hirsch
  • DinnerWorks: An American Original by Sarah Roberson Yates

Cover image: Sylvia Hyman, Green & Yellow Basket. 1999. Stoneware. 17.5 x 9 x 15 cm. Photography: John Cummings

Published: March 2007