Ceramics Art + Perception #68


  • The University of Iowa Museum of Art by Helen Drutt
  • The Journey of Janet Korakas by Peter Pilven
  • Jenny Beavan: Explorations in Material & Place by Imogen Racz
  • Frank Boyden – Oregon Postscript by Terry Davies
  • All Nations Have Their Foolish Moments by Richard Notkin
  • All Great Things Start With Blasphemy by Tom Jørgensen
  • All Fired Up – The Symbolism of Firing by Joanna Howells
  • Daniel Pontoreau’s Substance Plans by Arnauld de L’Epine
  • Gudrun Klix: Travels in an Earthen Boat by Karen Weiss
  • Encountering Hybridisation by Elizabeth Reichert
  • Alison Reintjes: Pattern, Order, Structure by Robert Silberman
  • Clay STATEments NSW 09 by Patsy Hely
  • Julie Bartholomew’s Transitional Bodies by Pam Sinnott

  • Christine Moore – Coil on Coil by Richard Moran
  • Tim Taunton: Dreamworks by Dorothy Joiner
  • Patty Wouter’s Strength and Persistence by Lucy Watts
  • Malcolm Mobutu: Touch & Circumstance by Laura O’Donnell
  • Hanna Back – Planes Meeting by Johannes Mohr
  • Common Objects by Adriana Ionascu & David Scott
  • Ian Johnston: Reverence by S. Portico Bowman
  • James Lovera – Craters from Fire by Nancy Servis
  • Christy Keeney: Sublime Sculptures by Sarah Gosset
  • Janet Leach: A Retrospective by Marilyn Walters
  • Book Review: Milton Moon: The Zen Master, The Potter & Poet by Owen Rye
  • Response by Jim Romberg to Adam Welch

Cover image: Janet Korakas, C2006. Stoneware, glaze, onglaze. 23 x 18 cm.

Published: June 2007