Ceramics Art + Perception #71


  • Peter Beard: Form and Surface by Judy Danes
  • John Albert Murphy: Revelations by Frank James Fisher
  • Dana Major Kanovitz – Transform & Wing by Elizabeth Reichert
  • Form and Imagination: Women Sculptors by Christy Johnson
  • Amanda Shelsher’s Friendly Forms by Judith McGrath
  • Ben Owen III – A Profile by Charlotte Vestal Brown
  • Claire Verkoyen – Refined and Alienating by Anne Berk
  • Peter Pilven’s Changing Styles: An Interview by Owen Rye
  • Ester Beck – Pushing From Within by Sara Hakkert
  • 2007 South Australian Ceramics Award by Stephen Bowers
  • The McKeachie Johnston Pottery Company by D Wood
  • Masterful Creations in Hong Kong by Madhavi Tumkur
  • Kari Rives – With Breath by Betsy Williams

  • Kaye Pemberton: Eight Days a Week by Ann McMahon
  • Bacia Edelman – Function is Optional by Melanie Herzog
  • Wesley Anderegg – Human Comedy in Clay by Dorothy Joiner
  • Dirk Staschke: Industrial Chinoiserie by Glen Brown
  • TV Pots by Sebastian Blackie
  • Constant Alberston: Multi-tiered Narratives by Colleen Maynard
  • Shozo Michikawa – Nature into Art by Michael C. Stewart
  • Lone Skov Madsen – The Platter by Jorunn Veiteberg
  • 17 Prime Makers by Phil Rogers
  • Symbolic Pots in Cinema by John Blazina
  • Tatsuo Shimaoka by Darice Veri

Cover image: Robin Best & Nukukana Baker, Two Vessels. Porcelain.
Premier Prize, South Australian Awards, 2007.

Published: March 2008