Ceramics Art + Perception #72


  • Second Life of a Magic Must-have by Josephine Woldring
  • Gertraud Möhwald: Clay Portraits by Renate Luckner-Bien
  • Penny Byrne’s Vicious Figurines by Inga Walton
  • Jane Robertson: The Devil is in the Detail by Damon Moon
  • The Risk of Skill: Martin Lungley by Helen Bevis
  • Lut Laleman: Complicated Simplicity by Frank Steyaert
  • Ilona Romule – Porcelain Fables by Glen R. Brown
  • Steven Montgomery: Broken by Ronald Kuchta
  • Allison Newsome: Plein Air by Nancy Whipple Grinnell
  • Tamasin Pepper: Rising to the Surface by Karen Weiss
  • Dennis Lee Mitchell: Natural Fragments by Margaret Hawkins
  • Kellogg Johnson: Archaic Forms by William Peterson
  • Annabeth Rosen: Between Drawing & Sculpture by Glen R. Brown
  • White Porcelain & Blue-and-White by Victoria Oyama

  • The Brick Sculptures of Peter Lange by Leo King
  • Hiroe Swen: Conquering Adversity by Maiju Altpere-Woodhead
  • Jessie Lim – Beyond Definition by Gina Fairley
  • Karen Koblitz: Facing East by Elaine Levin
  • Ryan Mitchell: The Birth of Rubble by Stephen Glueckert
  • Jean-Claude de Crousaz: Inspired Creations by Roland Blaettler
  • Emmett Leader: Slonim Revisited by Urmila Mohan
  • Ben Waterman in Pursuit of Process by Suzanne Beal
  • Mimi Cabri: Dance of Life by Nancy Baele

Cover image: Annabeth Rosen, Agra
45.5 x 50.5 x 28 cm. Photography: Lee Fatherree.

Published: June 2008