Ceramics Art + Perception #74


  • Rick Hirsch and Michael Rogers: Collaboration by Scott Meyer
  • Frédérique Bonmatin by Martin Hardingham
  • María Inés Varela: Sculpture by Ruth Krauskopf
  • John Heaney Between Vertical & Horizontal by Jas Hugonnet
  • Anton Reijnders: Meaning of Things by Gerrit van den Hoven
  • Ken Vavrek: Assemblages by Syd Carpenter
  • Anita Powell: Domestic Responsibility by Adam Welch
  • Penny Smith: Mutant Hybrids by Jonathan Holmes
  • Aage Birck: Imaginary Myths by Lisbeth Tolstrup
  • Louise Boscacci: Form and Idea by Brett Ballard
  • Arnie Zimmerman/Tiago Montepegado by Fredric Baas
  • Elaine Riordan: Profile of an Irish Artist by Kira Campbell
  • Roe Kyung Jo: Beyond Time by Heekyung Lee
  • Elizabeth Fritsch: Colour, Form and Rhythm by Joanna Bird

  • Todd Cero-Atl: Offered Up by Tanya Hartman
  • Caroline Cheng: Reinventing Subversion by Tony DeBlasi
  • Daniel Allen: Now Do You Want Me? by Frances Woodley
  • Hsu Yung Hsu: Body-Transcending by Shih Ke-Wei
  • Janet DeBoos: Entropy by Christopher Sanders
  • Meiko Okuda: Signs of Life in the Forest by Hiroko Miura
  • Bruce McWhinney: Notes from the Edge by Gail Nichol
  • Vipoo Srivilasa: For the Future by Michael Ascroft
  • Maria Ängquist Klyvare: Unspoken Secret by Kerstin Wickman
  • Jenny Lou Sherburne: Informed Wildness by Katey Schultz

Cover image: Daniel Allen, No Strings Attached (Detail) 1 m 45 cm/h.

Published December 2008