Ceramics Art + Perception #75


  • Gabriele Koch by Tony Birks
  • Ole Lislerud – Cosmopolitan Globetrotter by Olga Schmedling
  • Steven Heinemann: Between Shadow & Container by Leopold Foulem
  • Objects From the Multiverse by Annie Woodford
  • Marian Heyerdahl – The Terracotta Woman by Lorella Scacco
  • Neil Hoffmann’s Grand and Seamless Aesthetic by Pete Hay
  • Hiromu Okuda: Sound and Space by Hiroko Miura
  • Paula Bastiaansen – Catchers of Light by Loes van den Putte
  • Alozie Onyirioha: Fragile Security by G. N. Ojie & O. Onuzulike
  • Paul Scott’s Conflicted Landscapes by Amy Gogarty
  • A Visit to Internationale Vallauris 2008 by Michael C. Stewart
  • J.J. McCracken: Living Sculpture by R. Stevie Jones
  • The Work of Morten Løbner Espersen by Ian Massey
  • Diary by Lea Dolinsky

  • Simon Carroll’s Head Throwing Video by Helen Hopcroft
  • Neil Forrest: Detached Ornament by Glen R. Brown
  • Lydia Thompson’s Messengers by Charlotte Vestal Brown
  • Isochronisme in Ceramics by Burcu Karabey
  • Joe Bova: Ascension by Dorothy Joiner
  • Xue Huizhi – About the Work Femininity by Andrew Maske
  • Book Review: Confrontational Ceramics by Eugene Hön
  • Book Review: Robin Hopper Ceramics by Angela Fina
  • Book Review: Ceramics – A Lifelong Passion by Janet Mansfield
  • Contemporary Ceramics and Critical Theory by Glen R. Brown

Cover image: Marian Heyerdahl, Head Hunter, 1.85 m/h.

Published March 2009