Ceramics Art + Perception #76


  • Léopold Foulem – Récupération by Gil McElroy
  • Jackson Lee: Reinterpreting Tradition by Eva Ting
  • The Theatres of Jim Cooper by Moyra Elliott
  • Mona Naess: Staging the Awful and the Beautiful by G Eidsvik
  • Canada’s Walter Dexter – An Introduction by Brian Grison
  • Albert Pfarr’s Large-Scale Sculptures by Elizabeth Reichert
  • Ellen Spijkstra’s Quiet Search: Silenzio by Scott Meyer
  • Woodrow Nash – Spirits Embodied by Linda Sheryl Greene
  • Emile Decoeur: Three Essays by B Dejonghe, F Fravalo, M Giraud
  • Danish Ceramics by Christine Temin
  • Walter McConnell – At the Daum Museum by Glen R Brown
  • Mary Kershaw: Ancient Altars and Alchemy by Julie-Anne Ure
  • Marga Knaven – Conjecture of Space by Gertjan van der Stelt
  • Jun Kaneko: Pure Form and Collaboration by S Portico Bowman

  • Melissa Cadell – Leaning into the Light by Katey Schultz
  • Martha Pachon Rodriguez by Rolando Giovannini
  • Frank Steyaert: The Child is Father of the Man by Carine Verleye
  • Gilda Oliver – The Poetics of Art by Denise Carvalho
  • Sue Fraser – Guardians of Empress Wu by Louise Fulton
  • Lars Calmar: The Body Doesn’t Lie by Eva Rymann Hansen
  • Merchant Vessels by Gloria Hickey
  • Hirotsune Tashima by Julie Sasse
  • Nicholas Mullany – Strange/Familiar by Christine Whybrew
  • Dirk Staschke – Making Arrangements by Colette Copeland
  • Chuck Aydlett: Social, Surreal, Environment by Mike Knox
  • Critical Care Required? by Dr. Owen Rye
  • Book Review – Paula Bastiaansen: Porcelain by Peter Lane
  • Recent Publications
  • Susan Harnly Peterson: A Legend – A Legacy
  • Matthias Ostermann: Boats of Passage

Cover image: Jun Kaneko, Dangos in Omaha, 3 m/h each.

Published June 2009