Ceramics Art + Perception #77


  • Don Reitz - Out of the Ashes by Jo Farb Hernandez
  • Ane-Katrine von Bulow by Jan Downes
  • Ultrapop Idols of Paolo Porelli by Lori-Ann Touchette
  • Nicole Cherubini's Art Pots by Elizabeth Reichert
  • Sara Wright and Peter Battaglene by David L Hume
  • A Salute to Australian Ceramics by Gordon Foulds
  • Jeremy Jernegan: Prescience by Thomasine Bartlett
  • History and Herstory - From East to West by Jan Howlin
  • Bottles: Anchored on Form, Surface by Leslie von Holten
  • Judy Onofrio - Twist of Fate by Tanya Hartman
  • The Ceramic Sphere by Adam Welch
  • Christin Johansson: If you could... by Catherine Paleczny
  • Cybele Rowe by Virginia Repasky
  • Sara Flynn's Porcelain Vessels by Sara Foster

  • Vineet Kacker: Buddha Rocks and Sutra Stones by Sarah Bancroft
  • In a Material World by Anthony E Stellaccio
  • Hadrian Mendoza: Homage to the Bamboo by Helen Yu-Rivera
  • John O'Loughlin - A Man Re-invented by Stephen Davidson
  • The Porcelain of Maria ten Kortenaar by Gabi DeWald
  • Pippin Drysdale: Kimberley & Tanami Traces by Ted Snell
  • Tim Rowan - Patience and Surprise by Scott Norris
  • Stephen Bird: Stop Motion Ceramics by Toni Warburton
  • Ulla Viotti - "In My Next Life..." by Lotta Jonson
  • Comment by Glen R Brown, Jim Romberg and Owen Rye

Cover image: Pippin Drysdale, Vessel Installation - Porcelain Tanami Traces Series VI 2009, 15 - 44 cm/h

Published September 2009