Ceramics Art + Perception #78


  • Sarit Cohen by Ann McMahon
  • Desire in Pleasure: Claude Champy by Georges Collins
  • Primping the Vacuous Soul – Misty Gamble by Nancy Servis
  • Gary Healey by Barry Hayes & Gary Healey
  • Christopher Sanders: A Delicate Balance by Kim Martin
  • Susan Beiner’s Synthetic Reality by Glen R Brown
  • Alessio Tasca by Pietro Elia Maddalena
  • Land Marks – An Independent Review by Peter Lane
  • How Many Worlds: Stephen Braun by Rick Newby
  • Barry Singleton: To Make a Pot So Quiet by Ray Hearn
  • Ceramics Pluralism by Glen R Brown
  • Tales of Stones – Hilda Merom by Sara Hakkert
  • Striking Balance: Randy Johnston by Andrew Maske
  • Wendy Walgate – Exuberance by Glenn Allison
  • I and ‘I’: Ivan Albreht by Spomenka Jelić Medaković
  • Victor Greenaway: An Independent Review by Janet Mansfield

  • Raucus Zen – Ceramics of Ted Saupe by Mary Haviland
  • Arthur Gonzales: A Question of Balance by Deb Van Laak
  • Resonant Earth – Halima Cassell by Zachary Kingdon
  • This Tenuous Earth: Fiona Fell by Sonia Legge
  • Breaking Some Eggs – Marty Shuter by Jennifer Salahub
  • Pots for Light: An Independent Review by Tony Birks
  • Entre][Tierra – Cristina Cordova by Katey Schultz
  • Parallel Worlds: Gregg Moore by Janet Theophano
  • Kim-Anh Nguyen – An Independent Review by Brett Ballard
  • Shirley Rimer by Mary-Beth Laviolette
  • Requiem for a Forest: Cathi Jefferson by Rachelle Chinnery
  • Alexandra McCurdy by Gloria Hickey & Alexandra McCurdy
  • NCECA Clay National: Independent Review by Anthony Merino
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Cover image: Wendy Walgate, As I Was Going Carriage, 29 x 21 x 10 cm

Published: December 2009